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Screen-free fun : 400 activities for the whole family

Autor: Shannon Philpott-Sanders
Editorial: Avon, Massachusetts : Adams Media, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2018. ©2018
Edición/Formato:   Libro impreso : Inglés (eng) : First Adams Media trade paperback editionVer todas las ediciones y todos los formatos
"Fight back against boredom and keep your kids busy and entertained--without staring at a screen--with this handy collection of family activities ranging from DIY projects to outdoor adventures to easy daytrips. While technology often offers a quick and easy parenting solution to keep children entertained, too much screen time can negatively affect developmental and social skills, and even lead back to the original  Leer más
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Formato físico adicional: Online version:
Philpott-Sanders, Shannon.
Screen-free fun.
New York : Adams Media, [2018]
(DLC) 2018006974
Tipo de documento Libro
Todos autores / colaboradores: Shannon Philpott-Sanders
ISBN: 9781507205990 1507205996
Número OCLC: 1005904925
Notas: Includes index.
Descripción: 224 pages : color illustrations ; 20 cm
Contenido: EMBRACE YOUR CREATIVITY : Weave a Friendship Bracelet --
Craft Personalized Notebooks --
Make Pancake Art --
Build a Playing Card Tower --
Craft Stuffed-Animal Beds --
Sketch a Favorite Character --
Make Some Glittery Slime --
Create a Collage --
Start a Poetry Club --
Make a Comic Strip --
Surprise a Sibling --
Tell a Group Story --
Create a Fill-in-the-Blank Book --
Write a TV Show Script --
Enjoy Flashlight Ghost Stories --
Write New Lyrics to Favorite Melodies --
Send a Fan Letter to a Musician --
Make Glass Bottle Music --
Create Music Shakers --
Make Business Cards --
Choreograph a New Dance --
Play Name That Tune --
Host a Talent Show --
Craft Toothpick Stick People --
Make Bottle Cap Art --
Cut Paper Snowflakes --
Color Paper Window Clings --
Make Wax Paper Placemats --
Craft Shoe Box Trains --
Produce an Impromptu Play --
Play Dress-Up --
Craft a Cereal Necklace --
Make Paper Plate Masks --
Play Blindfold Guides --
Make Cotton Ball Snowmen --
Create Your Own Nursery Rhymes --
Paint Clown Faces --
Play "Mom" and "Dad" --
Make Shaving Cream Art --
Make a Paper Tetris Board Game --
Become a Human Mummy --
Have Hair Salon Fun --
Craft Homemade Clay --
Create Ice Pop Stick Art --
Make Tissue Butterflies --
Play Object Hide-and-Seek --
Go Pantry Shopping --
Dye Eggs --
Draw a Family Tree --
Make a Baby-Themed Scrapbook --
Design Denim Journals --
Top the Popcorn --
Have Dessert in the Bathtub --
Decorate Your Skin --
Create a Chair Playmate --
Celebrate the Wrong Holiday --
Create Autographed Clothing --
Craft Veggie Dolls --
Make a Keepsake Treasure Box --
Make Egg People --
Host Rainbow Wars --
Guess the Weights --
Craft Soap Sculptures --
Design a Shape-Based Fabric Collage --
Draw a Collaborative Mural --
Make Portable Bean Bags --
Play Hide the Timer --
Write Invisible Messages --
Craft Crayon Creations --
Test Your Backward-Writing Skills --
Make Coffee Can Stilts --
Build a Cereal Tower --
Make an ABC Chain --
Craft Personalized Door Hangers --
Paint Dot Masterpieces --
Create a Family Logo --
Draw Pictures with Feet, Not Hands --
Craft a Food Face --
Make Milk Jug Piggy Banks --
Master Mimicking Mirrors --
Build an Indoor "Sand" box --
Play the Rule Game --
Play the Silent Game --
Construct Bathtub Speed Boats --
Create Static Electricity --
Identify the Missing Object --
Make a Homemade Claw Machine --
Design a Velcro Glove Game --
Make Personalized Magnets --
Create a Homemade Mobile --
Play Headline Roulette --
Create a Time Capsule --
Count Lollipop Licks --
Make a Senses Journal --
Make Up a New Holiday --
Host a "Just Because" Surprise Party --
Play the Chores Game --
Create a Fix-It Box --
Make an IOU Book --
Play Show Me How. ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS : Have a Jump Rope Contest --
Build an Obstacle Course --
Stage a Car Wash --
Play Backyard Kickball --
Make an Outdoor Twister Board --
Ride the Trails --
Host a Snowball Contest -Seek Out the Stars --
Make Mud Pies --
Become a Sports Announcer --
Host a Water Balloon Toss --
Build a Slip 'N Slide --
Hunt for Bugs --
Go on a Sound Hunt --
Create Sidewalk Chalk Art --
Paint Rock People --
Camp in the Backyard --
Collect and Measure Rain Water --
Play Flashlight Tag --
Water the Grass and Your Friends --
Dry and Press Flowers --
Launch an Egg Toss --
Race Paper Airplanes --
Make a Jumping Pile --
Play Lawn-Chair Musical Chairs --
Tie-Dye a T-Shirt --
Play Simon Says --
Build a Fort --
Balance to the Finish Line --
Play Hide-and-Seek with a Twist --
Craft Cardboard Cars --
Juggle Fruit --
Play the Snow-Blowing Game --
Host a Hopscotch Contest --
Make a Ring Toss Game --
Create a Water Bottle Bowling Lane --
Host a Bubble Gum-Blowing Contest --
Play Outdoor Scrabble --
Trace Your Body with Chalk --
Play Duck, Duck, Goose --
Make Flashlight Shadow Puppets --
Make a Snow Maze --
Host a Hula-Hoop Contest --
Be the Gymnast --
Play Horse with Yard Sticks --
Host a Newspaper Snowball Fight --
Make Paper Plate Shields --
Launch a Balloon Tennis Game --
Create a Driveway Racetrack --
Play a Balloon Bounce Game --
Walk the Tightrope --
Host a Blooming Flower Contest --
Construct a Fence Collage --
Create Crafty Sunglasses --
Play Sponge Tag --
Host a Jell-O Basketball Game --
Find Nature's Crayons --
Cook Sun Snacks --
Take a Space Adventure --
Host a Winter Picnic --
Hunt for the Smallest Treasure --
Puddle Jump --
Play Snow Path Tag --
Test Your Stacking --
Host an Outdoor Pillowcase Race --
Choreograph a Rain Dance --
Host a Sock Toss --
Launch Balloon Races --
Play Snowy Follow the Leader --
Play ABC Jump Rope --
Play Soapy Hot Potato --
Launch a Game of Frisbee Golf --
Stomp Grapes --
Play Airplane --
Launch a Red Rover Game --
Make Twig Sculptures --
Climb Small Trees --
Craft Leaf Stencils --
Play Capture the Flag --
Create a Human Foosball Court --
Juggle a Soccer Ball --
Play a Four-Squares Game --
Host Spray Bottle Battles --
Play a Game of Sharks and Minnows --
Play Monkey in the Middle --
Organize Bicycle Relays --
Play King of the Forest --
Begin a Game of Freeze Tag --
Create Driveway Art --
Play Ring-Around-the-Rosy --
Make an Ant Farm --
Practice Tying Knots --
Construct a Clothesline --
Make Sun Tea --
Build a Rock Collection --
Play Frog and Flies --
Create a Can Toss --
Craft a Walking Stick --
Build a Berry Bucket --
Host an Outdoor Dance Party. SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITY : Volunteer at an Animal Shelter --
Create Activity Bags for Nursing Homes --
Compile Care Packages for Soldiers --
Bake Cookies for Fire Station Employees --
Build a Community Flower Garden --
Shop for Shelters --
Collect Coats to Donate --
Create a DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Board --
Weed for Your Neighbors --
Find Recyclable Household Items --
Host a Bicycle Parade --
Show Your Team Spirit --
Make Bingo Boards for Nursing Homes --
Walk Neighborhood Dogs --
Take a Tour of the Police Department --
Stuff Holiday Stockings --
Make Cards for Out-of-Town Relatives --
Donate Lightly Used Toys to Charity --
Host a Lemonade Stand --
Write Kind Messages in Sidewalk Chalk --
Create a Neighbor Welcome Bag --
Pack Survival Bags for a Women's Shelter --
Volunteer at a Food Pantry --
Decorate Meals on Wheels Bags --
Collect Suitcases for Foster Children --
Craft Valentines --
Help Pick Crops at a Local Farm --
Visit a Lonely Neighbor for a Chat --
Make No-Sew Fleece Blankets for Project Linus --
Host a Book Exchange --
Host a Baby Item Collection --
Form a Park Litter Troop --
Collect Toys to Donate --
Take a First Aid Workshop --
Pack Backpacks for Children in Need --
Host a Storytime Session --
Decorate a Food Collection Bin --
Create Birdseed Ornaments --
Deliver Bottled Water --
Paint Playground Equipment --
Shovel a Neighbor's Sidewalk and Driveway --
Host a Life Skills Workshop --
Hunt for Loose Change to Donate --
Make Pasta Bracelets for Friends --
Pass Out Programs at a Local Event --
Volunteer at the Library --
Run a Soccer Clinic --
Deliver Meals to Elderly Neighbors --
Babysit for a Family in Need --
Decorate Placemats to Donate --
Make a List of Good Deeds --
Craft a Thanksgiving Chain --
Make Cards for the Homeless --
Host a Water Spot During a Race --
Make a Map of Your Neighborhood --
Run (or Walk) a Road Race --
Exercise for Charity --
Help a Teacher Set Up a Classroom --
Craft Puzzles for Local Preschools --
Decorate Lunch Boxes for Schools in Need --
Attend a Town Hall Meeting --
Learn Sign Language --
Make Mini Greenhouses to Donate --
Craft Chess Boards for Retirement Communities --
Clean Up Community Graffiti --
Create a Drawing for an Art Contest --
Wash Neighborhood Dogs --
Make Medals for Children --
Plan a Community Game Night --
Host a Toy Exchange --
Collect Items for Fire Victims --
Sponsor a Family Garage Sale --
Plan a Neighborhood Block Party --
Make a Wreath for New Neighbors --
Craft Dream Catchers for a Community Center --
Host a Neighborhood Pet Show --
Craft Duct Tape Wallets for Shelters --
Host a Family Face-Off --
Share Musical Talents with Retirement Communities --
Host an Emergency Training Drill --
Create a Penny Drive --
Take a New Student on a City Tour --
Call a Long-Distance Relative --
Read Books at Hospitals --
Launch an Ice Patrol --
Join in a Secret Santa Program --
Get Involved in the Voting Process --
Carry Grocery Bags at the Store --
Tackle Food Waste --
Scrapbook for a Family Member --
Start a Round Robin Chain Letter --
Take Dog Treats to the Dog Park --
Compliment a Stranger --
Collect Used Books for After-School Programs --
Make a Wall of Art --
Adopt a Family for the Holidays --
Teach Music Lessons --
Write an Appreciation Letter to an Artist or Author --
Learn How to Raise and Fold a Flag --
Publish a Neighborhood Newspaper. PUT A FUN TWIST ON LOCAL TRAVEL: Play I Spy at the Zoo --
Launch a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt --
Create Crazy Bowling Moves --
Try a New Dish at a Restaurant --
Learn to Roller Skate Backward --
Play The Price Is Right at the Grocery Store --
Locate Birds at the Park --
Write a Vacation Wish List --
Play "How Many Can You Name?" in the Car --
Host a Scavenger Hunt at the Mall --
Make Newspaper Hats to Tour Media Outlets --
Host a Blindfolded Tasting Party --
Play a Road Trip Guessing Game --
Create a Hotel Room Obstacle Course --
Play "Don't Step on a Crack" --
Play a Road Trip ABC Game --
Play Twenty Questions in the Car --
Host a Road Trip Paper Clip Game --
Speak in Pig Latin --
Sing What You Say --
Make License Plate Letter Phrases --
Play Guess Who? --
Tally Up State Statistics --
Play the Big Game --
Decorate a Road Trip Pillowcase --
Balance Books at the Library --
Play Name That Tree on a Hike --
Make a Trail Map on a Hike --
Collect Pinecones --
Search for Seashells --
Build a Sand Castle --
Make Snow Angels on a Ski Trip --
Look for Animal Tracks in the Snow --
Host Tug-of-War at the Park --
Play Stick Wars --
Count the Semis on the Road --
Build a Bird's Nest --
Play Grocery Memory Math --
Play Would You Rather? in Line at the Store --
Create Zoo Sketches --
Connect the Dots --
Test Your Chopstick Skills --
Make Up Weird Words --
Create a Bubbles Contest at the Park --
Play Shopping Line Charades --
Pack a Toy Picnic --
Create Sugar Packet Shapes --
Make Sand Pictures --
Start a Good Day/Bad Day Discussion --
Finger Paint with Food --
Make Homemade Trail Mix for the Road --
Tell Weird Stories --
Play the Where? Game --
Organize Hotel Room Pickup --
Take a Sticky Walk --
Roast Pumpkin Seeds --
Play Holiday Word Scramble --
Initiate Toy Rotation --
Play Washable Word Guess --
Host a Funny Face Challenge --
Start a Speed-Talking Challenge --
Make a Grocery Store Picture Book --
Play Stuffed-Animal Hide-and-Seek --
Play Road Trip Rhyming --
Create Secret Handshakes --
Play the Telephone Game --
Make Restaurant Straw Art --
Host a Thumb Wrestling Competition --
Make Up Tongue Twisters --
Predict Travel Times --
Play What Happened on This Day? --
Find the Route Number --
Play "If I Lived Here ..." --
Launch a Memory Game on Vacation --
Create Car Amusement Centers --
Explore "If I Were a ..." --
Talk to Flowers --
Play Marco Polo at the Pool --
Walk and Toss --
Fly Kites in the Park --
Play Rock, Paper, Scissors --
Connect the Words --
Add Up Ingredients --
Find Funny Boat Names --
Hunt for the Cheaper Item --
Take Charge for Fifteen Minutes --
Guess the Temperature --
Make a Toast --
Host a Round Table Discussion --
Listen for Sounds of Silence --
Play the Humming Game --
Make Magnetic Cookie Sheets --
Draw a Map of Your School --
Create Conversation Cards --
Construct Aluminum Foil Animals --
Play Road Trip Bingo --
Make Travel Lego Kits --
Create a Word Find --
Play a Paper Towel Matching Game --
Host a Hangman Game.
Otros títulos: Four hundred activities for the whole family
Responsabilidad: Shannon Philpott-Sanders.


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"Screen-Free Fun helps me now to come up with ideas not only for my own children, but for my Daisy Girl Scout Troop and more ... .Now keep this book with me, along with coloring pages, blank paper, Leer más

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